About Us

Mission Statement:

St Patrick's Parade Galway is a platform to showcase local artists and community & sporting groups. It celebrates our city's diverse culture and talent through an inclusive process of creative preparation and street performance. We aim to create a carnival atmosphere that the whole city can be part of.

About The Parade:

The 2017 St. Patrick's Day Parade recognises and celebrates Galway City as’ European Green Leaf 2017’ highlighting the cities commitment to the environment.

The theme for the parade is ‘ENVIRONMENT’ and encompasses all environmental topics – waste recycling, nature, biodiversity, energy efficiency, smarter travel, water and air quality.

Arts organisations, community groups and local performers from across the city and county have risen to the challenge and are currently putting the finishing touches to their groups entries.

Sports groups, dance groups and performance artists come from all over the world to Galway each year to experience a parade that is widely regarded as one of the best in Ireland. The beauty of the Galway Parade is that it is small enough for a group to truly feel a part of it, yet big enough to create a special atmosphere. For the spectators who line the streets each year the narrow walkways. The Parade route moves through the centre of the medieval city, a 1.5 mile journey through narrow cobbled streets, turning onto long wide roads creating an unforgettable carnival atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.

Frank Commins - Parade Director

Contact: patricksparade@gmail.com